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Prerequisites: none

1.5 ECTS (~ 45 hrs workload)

Course Description: 

In this practice-oriented course, participants experience the steps through The Double Diamond innovation process to which they were introduced in course 5.1 Innovation Sandbox. They engage deeply in the human-centered innovation process, moving from contextual (user-based) research for (re-)defining a chosen problem, through creating concepts and prototypes for potential solutions. In subsequent courses (5.4 and 5.5) participants have a chance to bring their invention from this course to market and develop a business around it.

Course Objectives: 

The main course objectives are

  • to define innovation challenges to work with
  • to conduct secondary research
  • to conduct primary contextual research through user-centered empathetic stakeholder-engagement
  • to collect, analyze, and synthesize data into key findings
  • to move from insights to opportunities
  • to brainstorming ideas
  • to develop, consolidate, and focus concepts for potential solutions
  • to develop and refine prototype
  • to practice leading innovation sessions

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, participants are able to

  • properly define an innovation challenge
  • conduct secondary research
  • lead primary contextual research
  • generate key findings and insights from collected, analyzed, and synthesized data
  • formulate opportunities for design from research insights
  • brainstorm ideas and develop concepts and prototypes
  • design and facilitate innovation activities and whole sessions

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