The course will introduce students to key funding opportunities available from the EU where research and innovation is a priority (i.e. Horizon2020 and ERDF). It will help students develop awareness of the EU funding eco-system and will enable them to learn about what Calls for proposals are, how to look for one, and what are the basic steps in preparing a high-quality grant application. It will additionally provide an overview of key project-relevant concepts and will help students easily distinguish the key terms in “project speak”.

Course Objectives

  1. Explain what grants are as a funding instrument and how it could be utilised by whom

  2. Introduce key EU funding programmes for research and innovation (i.e. Horizon2020, ERDF, IPA)

  3. Explain the structure of a grant application and its main components

  4. Provide an overview of how a grant application is put together, including setting objectives, defining activities, and identifying impacts

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students understand what grant applications are, who prepares them, and are aware of the key aspects of grant preparation

  2. Students are aware of the different EU funding programmes for research and innovation and understand the basic differences among them

  3. Students can identify the basic components of a project proposal, and understand how the grant writing process is structured

  4. Students understand the importance of linking project objectives to activities and can define the expected impact(s)

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