1. Introduction

1. The Reflexive Participative Partnership (RPP) scheme

Based on our collective experience from discussions and the development of national case studies, we have identified six aspects of Reflexive Participative Partnership (RPP) that have helped us present complex processes in a schematic form. We suggest keeping these six packages in mind when preparing for a collaborative activity. Each partner can construct and reflect on their own set of six packages, which include their motivations, perspectives on their partners, and more. Sharing and discussing these packages can help clarify different views, common goals, and expected benefits of the partnership. RPP should be viewed as a virtual field where a circular process of reflection on different aspects or packages is continuously ongoing. Each aspect or package should be revisited and reflected upon repeatedly to continually build a better reflective participative partnership. This open-ended process poses many challenges and is prone to mistakes, imbuing it with the character of a "life-long learning" process.