1. Safe environment

Managing the self

Pedagogic approach


  • Acknowledge our own pain and the pain of others when dealing with problematic situations
  • Attend to the content AND emotions present in the discussions
  • Own our own ideas and do not project or force them onto others
  • Issues discussed are in strictest confidence before generalised conclusions can be drawn from them
  • Exploring what we have in common and how different we are
  • Allowing participants to talk about their experiences in their own expressions/language
  • Encouraging participants to build closer connections and exchange their viewpoints on the services or relevant topics
  • Opportunities for engaging more authentically ‘the other side’ without stating pre-conditions
  • The small and safe group space should be used to listen to and engage with the painful experiences of participants
  • The sense of recognition and esteem both in terms of shared experiences and the role they have in the classroom