Course Description:  The course main preoccupation is the formulation and implementation of the project’s communication and dissemination strategy in order to ensure smooth, timely, and high quality external, as well as internal communication.  It deals with the main objectives of internal and external project communication, communication activities, relevant stakeholders and target groups, methods, channels and instruments of communication and dissemination. The main outcome of the project communication planning is the Communication and Dissemination Plan which will be studied and practiced thoroughly throughout the course. Capitalization proved to be one of the main preoccupation of the EU funded programmes. During this course, students will get the insight into the main goals of DTP Capitalization Strategy, as well as the most effective examples of their achievement.

Course Objectives:

(1a) Understand the main communication, dissemination and capitalization terms and concepts, as well as the relationships between them

(2a) Learn how to create comprehensive and meaningful Communication and Dissemination Plan

(3a) Learn how to transform goals into measurable outcomes and actions

(4a) Get insight into the main goals, methods and activities of project capitalization

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the course, users are able to:

(1b) use effectively the main communication, dissemination and capitalization vocabulary

(2b) fully prepare a complete project Communication and Dissemination Plan

(3b) fully prepare a complete project Action (Scorecard) Plan

(4b) define and practically use the capitalization goals, strategies and activities of the project

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