Course Description: Forming a consortium for project partnership is one of the most important tasks during the whole process. It is the integral part of ReSTI project management and a very important element in the project assessment and evaluation. Within the course, students will deal with: stakeholder analyses needed to identify possible project partners, assessing capacities of every possible consortium partner, finding appropriate partners using a different platforms and tools, intercultural communication possibilities, and conflict resolution styles. The aim of this course is to provide participants with skills and tools necessary for developing an adequate and functional ReSTI project consortium.

Course Objectives: During this course students will have the possibility to:

(1a) conduct the stakeholder analysis

(2a) evaluate possible partners and assess their capacity to be part of the consortium

(3a) learn to apply intercultural communication methods

(4a) learn to apply different verbal and non-verbal techniques in conflict situations

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course students should be able to:

(1b) evaluate and independently conduct stakeholder analysis in order to identify possible project partners

(2b) understand and evaluate different platforms and tools for finding partners,

(2c) apply different evaluation assessments for selection of consortium members

(3b) apply various communication styles in line with the inter-cultural setting of the project consortium

(4b) apply different techniques of conflict resolution 


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