Learning Prerequisites: 

Course Description: The course “EU Strategy: EU 2030 and beyond” provides systemic insight into institutional design of the European Union, its fundamental values, organization of the EU funding systems and the strategic priorities of the European Union, to be set by the respective strategic document, comparable to the Europe 2020 Strategy. The course shall also explain the link between the EU strategic goals and priorities, set by the strategic documents, and the EU grant/funding schemes. Understanding this link shall help participants in profiling their funding applications closer to the EU strategic priorities, thus increasing the chances for positive outcome of the application. The course shall also provide insight into the main EU funding schemes – their scope, objectives, design, application criteria and process.

Course Objectives:

(1a) Providing systemic insight into landscape and functioning of the EU institutions, its basic values and understanding the key principles of decision making process related to EU grants applications.

(2a) Understanding the structure and key priorities set by the Europe 2020 Strategy (draft of Europe 2030 Strategy)

(3a) Learning to review the EU strategic documents and to profile the funding application closer to the EU priorities set by the strategic documents.

(4a) Providing overview of the key EU funding schemes, their aims, scope, structure and application requirements and teaching participants to investigate EU-level funding sources.

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course students should be able to:

(1b)  understand the structure of the EU institutions, key principles of their functioning and to comprehend the logic of decision making process related to EU grant schemes.

(2b) comprehend the structure and key elements of the Europe 2020 (Europe 2030) strategy and to understand the key priorities of the strategy

(3b) derive key points (in terms of goals and priorities) of the Europe 2020 (Europe 2030) strategy and to use these information in designing the funding application, so as to make it closer to the strategic priorities

(4b) conduct focused search for the EU-level funding sources, related to the topic of a project

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