• ReSTI PROGRAMME contains 5 modules focused on different themes
  • MODULE contains 3 to 5 courses
  • COURSE contains several activities and one mandatory Assessment Quiz
  • ASSESSMENT QUIZ contains 10 randomly selected questions mapping the course topic. There is the threshold of 60% correct answers to pass the quiz and altogether 4 trials with 5 days inter-trial interval.
  • FEEDBACK is the key tool which allows developers to improve courses by implementing student’s recommendations...

Requirements for completing the ReSTI programme:

  • passing all individual courses

Requirements for completing the individual COURSE:

  • fulfill all activities
  • pass assessment QUIZ of the course

How to decide whether to CHOOSE the COURSE or not 

  • read DESCRIPTION of courses 
  • watch introductory VIDEO or presentation
  • enter COURSE and try out activities following the recommended sequence (in the resource summary file in Library door) which is necessary for earning a badge.

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